Love, Loss, and Tragedy: The Anatomy of Gray

Sydney Huff, Staff Writer


Long ago in the land of Gray, Indiana lives June Muldoon. June is a fifteen year old girl desperate to see the world. In the beginning, June has just lost her father to his deteriorating health, but she still has her mother Rebecca.  All the sudden, a handsome stranger appears from a hot air balloon. It turns out he is a doctor named Galen P. Gray. Soon, the townspeople of Gray start to question why he is there and start to want him gone. All of a sudden, everyone starts developing spots on their body. One by one they start getting this sickness and blame Dr. Gray. This play has a tragic ending, but also it has hope. The Anatomy of Gray starred Madisyn Weiss, Brandon Hedrick, Briley Jones, Doug Anderson, Landen Smith, Sam Deblois, Bryant Daugherty, Leslie Chatman, and Bethany Brown. The play premieres on November 15th and 16th at 7pm.