Doctor Who

Sydney Huff, Staff Writer

Doctor Who is one of the greatest TV shows ever made, in my opinion, and one of the longest running ones, too. Doctor Who started in 1963 and it is now broadcast on the BBCAmerica Network. Doctor Who was originally on from 1963-1996 and then they started it back up in 2005 as a new series.  There have been eleven incarnations so far for “The Doctor.” Matt Smith is currently playing the Doctor this season. We are now in a break from Series 7. The show will start back on March 30.

In the beginning of Series 7, the companions of the Doctor are Amy Pond (Karen Gillian) and Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill) who are now married. They have been the companions of the Doctor since Series 5. Throughout the years they have had many adventures together. On some adventures they have met Vincent Van Gogh, Winston Churchill, Hitler, Vampires, Romans, Astronauts, and Pirates. In many of these episodes they also meet different species of aliens, explore completely different planets and universes.

Amy first met the Doctor when she was around nine years old. His T.A.R.D.I.S. or Time and Relative Dimensions in Space, crashed near Amy’s house after the Doctor regenerated from his 10th incarnation to the 11th.  He said he would be right back but the Tardis was still damaged and not working properly. He came back 12 years later in the Tardis to realize something was very wrong. He saved the Earth once again and left in his Tardis. He did not come back until two years later which you figure out later was the night before her wedding to Rory.

One of the most emotional Doctor Who episodes was “Vincent and the Doctor” in Season 5. This featured Vincent Van Gogh in 1890, the year he died. This episode showed that Van Gogh was never really mad or crazy as people say. He actually had bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia. Most people during these days thought that his work was horrible and that he had no talent, yet he is known as one of the most influential artists today.

In this series there are many aliens or monsters. Some of the most important aliens are the Daleks, Weeping Angels, Cybermen, The Silence, and The Ood. Daleks are one of the oldest enemies of the Doctor dating back since the Time War. They have neither mercy nor heart. The Weeping Angels attack when you blink or close your eyes. As long as you are staring at them they cannot move. The Cybermen are humans, transformed. Before they are transformed they have to lose all emotion and feel nothing. The Silence is an alien that you only remember when you are looking at them. As soon as you look away, you forget you ever saw them. The Ood have telepathic abilities. They were a slave race and in an episode, they become very hostile. Some force controls them and makes them kill others. In other episodes the Ood is seen as a very peaceful race and even helps the Doctor.

Doctor Who will have a 50th anniversary this year to celebrate the show running for so long. Doctor Who is a great TV show for all ages from age eight-80. It has good morals and teaches life lessons that you need. You also learn a bit of history from watching the show. Obviously it isn’t completely accurate, but you still learn quite a bit even with the aliens mixed in. So don’t forget to tune in to BBCAmerica on March 30 for the premiere of the second half of Series 6.