Fall Play (My Son is Crazy…But Promising)

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Fall Play (My Son is Crazy…But Promising)

Allison Rickus, Staff

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“I love being able to see the students grow, learn, and improve,” said drama teacher Jamie Weiss  

This years school play is a perfect opportunity for this to happen. It’s a big production and has many of roles to fit what people can do. 

This play is about the Eccentric Bud Granger, Hollywood screenwriter, who decides to give up his life in the fast lane and buys a lodge in Tumbleweed, Arizona. The inn is a termite pile, but as it’s near the fabled “Lost Dutchman Mine,” Bud thinks he might soon be a reclusive millionaire. What he didn’t figure out is that the lodge is full of nuts…A little old lady who is in touch with “Space People,” outraged tourists who thought the lodge would be like the Ritz, Oysters Rockefeller, an emotional mobster who won’t stay dead, and aspiring starlet Chi-Chi Vazoom who finds lizards “cute.”

Then Bud’s zany mother unexpectedly arrives! And did I mention the FBI, a corpse on roller skates, the state lottery, the mysterious flight bag, Brussels sprouts on a stick? Eventually, despite the madness, miraculously, all problems are resolved.

The school’s play director, Jamie Weiss, has chosen several students to take part in this year’s fall play, which will be held on November 8th, 9th, and 10th. Admission for students will be $3, with general admission $5. Mr. Weiss has chosen Connor Monie as Dimitri Jones, Yancy McCarron as Susan Claypool, Audrey Fisher as Sheriff Bates, Lynzie Shipman playing Gert Witherspoon, Amber Aubuchon as Cora Ames, Michael Cantrell playing Bud Granger, Shane Jones as Arthur Whitney, Angel Nelson as June Whitney, Lauren Grove as Tilly Granger, Ethane Lawson as Oysters Rockefeller, Aynsley Weiss playing Chi-Chi Vazoon, Emma Shaffer as Fay Armstrong, Trenton Mayberry as Larry Lime, and Amber Mitchell playing as Karen Russell. Adreanna Wilson was selected to be Assistant Director, along with Allison Rickus being chosen for the role of Stage Manager.

Mr. Weiss always looks for a play that would somehow benefit his students. He also looks for the amount of roles available in the play, and characters to help students grow more as actors/actresses. According to Mr. Weiss, if he had a choice between working with high schoolers and adults he would choose the high schoolers because he loves seeing them grow as students and people. One of Mr. Weiss’s biggest questions to himself is how big can this years play be? Having a big production causes a lot of distraction from his school work and he has to put major focus on the play, sets, and actors…especially the freshman actors. However, he enjoys working with a range of people, which a big production gives him the opportunity to.

Freshman Trent Mayberry who plays Larry Lime, was shocked that he was chosen for the part. The reason he expected to get the role was because of the major shortage of male auditions. Aside from the fact he was in shock that he made the part, he is really happy with the character he got. “Larry is the “coolest” character and most relatable to me,” said Trent. The most surprising thing to many is the amount of influence a good friend can have on your life choices. Trent tried out for the play because his friend asked him to. He later read the script and saw an amazing opportunity.

Senior Andrew Wyrick shocked some people when he didn’t join the cast this year. Instead he took on the role of head of the sound/lighting crew. When asked why, he said he had to much on his plate and needed to focus on other things. He loves having people watch from the audience to see what he, and others, have accomplished for this year’s play.

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