The Garden

Paige Huitt

Growing up a child’s fantasy consists of wizards, elves, fairies, and etc. I was one of these children. Now, as we get older we believe in these silly little creatures as make believe. I know for example, I used to be obsessed with Tinker Bell and never got un-obsessed until my sixth grade year. Me only un-obsessing was the fact that I just wanted to fit in and be “cool” and apparently liking fairies doesn’t fit the itinerary of that. Despite that, I thank my sweet mother for embracing my love of fairies growing up. When I was younger, she would take me to her garden and always tell me the reason why it looked so beautiful was because the fairies that visit always made sure it was colorful and perfect. She talked about a certain fairy named Rain. Rain always made sure the flowers were watered and flourished for my mother. Of course I believed it, and visioned Rain everyday I was there. My mother’s garden always seemed magical. It was filled with lush green leaves and every flower you could possibly imagine in all the colors of the rainbow. Now, fast forward 10 years later the garden still looks the same and more beautiful than what it was years ago.

Right now, I live in the same house I did growing up. My mother just recently passed away and her main request was for me to live in our home and make sure the garden was tended to everyday. Today I came back home for my first night back. I opened the front door and sat down my suitcases on the floor and began to settle in. While I was straightening up the living room, I looked out the window to check on the garden and it still was as beautiful as I remembered it. I was shocked but then I thought maybe the neighbors had been watering it regularly for us as a nice gesture while mom had been in the hospital. Still, this was a little odd considering how closed off our property is and since we have a lock on the gate as well. As a child, I never noticed that when we were out in the garden we had never watered or planted anything. The only thing I remember was us picking the flowers and then we’d give them away to our neighbors and use them as decor throughout our house. I began to envision a silly thought of the fairies my mother always talked about tending it. With my very creative imagination for the night, I blamed it on my lack of sleep. I then got ready for bed and told myself in the morning I would investigate what’s been going on the next day.


I woke up the next morning ready to figure out what’s been going on in the garden. I never spent much time out there as I got older so this time it felt way different then what I remembered. I opened the gate and was immediately greeted by the beautiful bushes of roses and sunflowers scattered around the path. I began to start looking around and everything was in its place just as I remembered from when I was young. I began to feel an overwhelming amount of joy and started picking flowers. When I got to the lilies towards the back, I heard whispering. I was startled. I started pushing back flowers and noticed what I thought at first was a bird. When I got closer I realized whatever it was looked like a tiny human with wings. I screamed and started running. The creature flew after me and started to yell “Stop!” I froze in my tracks and then it said “Please don’t be scared of me, do you not remember me from your childhood?” it said. “Who are you?” I said startled. “I’m your mother’s fairy. I worked for her in here, in her garden with her, isn’t it beautiful here? You helped us too!” I couldn’t process this at all. “Please don’t be scared, I heard what happened to your mom and I still want to stay and keep this up for her, this place was her sanctuary.” Whatever this thing was I could tell it was genuine. I was startled and mesmerized but I knew I needed to say something “Do you maybe want to talk so I can process this?” I said. The fairy agreed and then followed me inside. 

I walked into the kitchen and it joined me at the table. “What’s your name?” I said. “ My name is Rain, it’s finally nice to see you again after all these years Alexis.”  I knew for some reason I could trust Rain. I remember as a child I thought I fantasized the fairies in the garden, and growing up I had thought of them as not real. “How’d you and my mother meet? I began to say. “I met your mother on her trip to Ireland. We started talking and expressed our love of nature. She told me if I wanted to come to the United States I could live with her and work on her garden with her so I came” Rain said. This all seems so unusual but the thought of a fairy being in the garden seems so unreal but amazing at the same time especially how I lived out my childhood fantasizing and basically worshiping the thought of fairies.

We spent the whole night talking about my mother. Rain told me stories of their trip in Ireland and hearing how happy my mother was made me feel like her life had been fulfilled with how she lived her life with such a full heart and a traveling spirit. We had shared our favorite memories of my mother and shared laughter all throughout the night. Having Rain there with me felt like I had a piece of my mother and with that I was at peace. We ended up talking about her life as a fairy all night until it got late. She told me if I was fine with her staying she’d still keep up with the garden. Of course I was more than okay with that. Rain had told me she had a lot she wanted to show me in the garden the next day. I was super stoked and excited but it was getting late and I knew I had to go to bed soon. We then exchanged our goodnights and she left to go back outside. This has been the most crazy couple of days but I know this encounter was meant to be.