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Breaking Boundaries: Stereotypes

Elliana Hughes, Guest Writer

October 9, 2018

Stereotypes, they're a funny thing. You see, we are put into these boxes, but we don't fit into them. And they either make us or break us. But what do I know? I'm just a sophomore in high school. But I'm smarter than you ...

Central Glamour

Central Glamour

April 23, 2018

“The Way I Used To Be” Book Review

Elliana Hughes, Staff

April 17, 2018

Eden was always good. She had good grades, good friends, and a good home life. But one night, her world is rocked when her older brother’s best friend rapes her. She begins high school scared and trusting no one. She bu...

Mock Accident Gallery

Key'Reiona Robinson and Kameron House

April 17, 2018

Prom: A Night Under the Stars Gallery

Key'Reiona Robinson, Staff

April 17, 2018

National Library Week

Hannah Sansoucie, Staff

April 8, 2018

April 8-14 is National Library Week. National Library Week is a week that is dedicated to books and the library. This week is a great way to show love and support to your local library. Even though we are living in the di...

From Princesses to Queens

Elliana Hughes, Staff

March 28, 2018

Once upon a time, we were little princesses, but now it is time for the queens inside us to arise. Being a girl in today's society is hard. We are faced with things like body image, makeup, and boys from such a young age. W...

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