Misfits vs Wizards


Chris Boyd and Cassidy Kile

The world famous Harlem Wizards recently made an appearance at Central High School for a Project Graduation Activity. Surprisingly, the show was sold out which included selling about 1,000 tickets at the door. Although there are only six players on the team, they are very talented. The nicknames for the Wizards are DP, Broadway, Mr. 540, Rocket, A-Train, and Road Runner. Their opponents were the Mineral Area Misfits which included our own Mr. Schweiss, Mr. Wallen, Mrs. Murray, Mr. Bradley (Vice-Principal), Mrs. Bradley, some teachers from other Central schools, and a few others from our community. The coach of the Misfit team was our physical education teacher, Coach Mills. Even though they did not do all the cool tricks, the Mineral Area Misfits made almost the same amount of points as the Wizards.

Mrs. Murray had the fans on their feet with her skills. She was the first person, including the Wizards, to make a shot. Immediately, everyone was on their feet screaming for her. Not only did she show people her skills in shooting the basketball, but when she was taken out of the game for substitutions, she showed the crowd that she is very flexible. She did this by doing the splits perfectly.

“The next day everybody kept asking me if I was sore from that night and my response was that I feel awesome,” said Mrs. Murray.

Everyone cheered when she did it and nobody was expecting it. Then to top it all off, a Wizards player made the attempt to do the same thing and absolutely failed. To show how the real pros do it, Mrs. Murray did the splits again causing the crown to go insane. Meanwhile, DP, one of the Wizards, was crying in pain at the sight of the splits.

He said, “Please make her stop! That has to hurt! She is talented! I could never do that!”

Mrs. McFarland from the Central Middle School was another comical player on the Misfit team. As she was playing she would do the funniest things like flirting with the Wizard players. She helped make the game interesting.

Overall, people said the show was well worth the money they paid. The Wizard players had many cool tricks games that the kids could play. A large number of people enjoyed the show. Some say that people from other schools enjoyed the show so much that they talked their school in getting the Wizards to come. Some are even trying to get the Globetrotters to come.

The Wizards and the Misfits put on a great show for the community. Project Graduation raised a lot of money from this event. This event was a great success. Hopefully the Wizards can come back next year with some new games and new tricks to show everybody. One thing that most of the spectators would agree on is that years from now, everyone will remember that night like it just happened the yesterday.