New Teachers Join the Alliance

Douglas Anderson, Staff Writer

In case you didn’t know, we have quite a few new teachers at our school this year. How would you like to know a little about them?

Mr. Martin is the new ISS teacher and he also teaches a couple of hours of PE. He graduated from CHS and Ball State University.  He has noticed a greater emphasis on student achievement since he graduated from here.  Mr. Martin wants to have a positive impact on young lives.  Teaching at CHS is his first teaching job, but he student taught at two different schools in Muncie, IN.  He has noticed better test scores at Central than other schools and so far, he says that teaching here is great.

Mr. House joined the Math Department this year. He is a North County graduate, got his Associate’s degree from MAC, and Bachelor’s degree from SEMO.  Mr. House wanted to be a teacher to “join the family business.” He taught at North County for three years before starting at CHS. Mr. House says that student behavior is much better here than at other schools.  He loves teaching here so far.

Mr. Calvird is one of the new English teachers. He graduated from CHS in 2007 and graduated from McKendree University in May of 2013. He student taught at Mater Dei High School in Breese, IL, before he began at CHS this year.  He thinks that we have the best students, staff, and coffee!  He says that he is very busy working here, but it’s very enjoyable and he loves it.  He loves his students’ personalities and enthusiasm. “Even the freshmen!” he says.

Mr. Calvird wanted to become a teacher because, “Teaching is the profession that creates all other professions and that is a very neat and exciting thing!”

Mr. Pallo graduated from Festus High School.  He used his A+ Scholarship for two years at Jefferson College and got his degree from Southeast Missouri State University.  He always wanted to become a teacher.  Many of his family members were also teachers.  He taught 7th grade science at Mehlville for three years before coming to CHS.

“A big difference,” he says, “is that 50% of the students at Mehlville were Bosnian and many of their parents did not speak English.”  Mr. Pallo really enjoys being a Rebel!

Mrs. Huff, an addition to the English Department this year, graduated from CHS in 1994 and from SEMO in 1998.  She says when she went to school here, the old three-story main building was still up and didn’t have air conditioning.  The high school had about five student computers used for journalism.  Mrs. Huff wanted to become a teacher because she always enjoyed learning and she used it as an escape.  She was also influenced by many teachers.  She previously taught at North County, Crystal City, and Viburnum.  Mrs. Huff says that CHS is home to her.  Even though she enjoyed teaching at the other schools, Central is by far the best for personal and professional reasons.  She says that being back here is “wonderful and exciting!”  She can’t wait to get deeper into the year and to get to know the faculty and student body better.

Mr. McMillen, a special education teacher, is also a CHS graduate who graduated from Central Methodist University.  Additional parking lots, hats being allowed, and cell phones being allowed are some differences that he has noticed since he graduated.  He wanted to be a teacher because he enjoys helping students learn.  He taught at Trojan Intermediate School in Potosi before moving to CHS.  Mr. McMillen says that teaching at CHS is “boss.”

Mr. Barton graduated from West County and from Missouri Baptist University.  He says that being a teacher and a coach is a lot of fun.  He taught at Fredericktown Middle School before CHS.  A difference he has noticed is the pride at CHS. He says that teaching here is awesome.

“The great people here make a great teaching environment. The students, staff, and community love their school.  It’s a great atmosphere,” he said.