Homage of Homecoming

Seth Dooley and Krissie Byers

The crowd roared as the participants of the parade were escorted down the street to the place where one of them would be named the Homecoming Queen of 2013. The citizens of Park Hills had been ecstatic throughout the week, waiting for Friday, October 4th, with a fierce longing to get the show on the road.

The week kicked off with five spirit-filled days. On Monday, students and teachers alike looked comfy in their pajamas and messy hair. It looked almost as if the participants got out of bed and went to school without preparation. On Tuesday, half the student body seemed to be missing. Or were they? With all of the camouflage everyone was wearing, it was kind of hard to tell. Wednesday, we were seeing doubles. Or was it just our fake glasses? Twins and nerds exploded into the hallways. Thursday, what team? M ickey Mouse! The student body wore their favorite team jerseys or dressed up as their favorite Disney character. Finally on Friday, what is red, white, and blue all over? The Central Rebels, of course. The school showed its spirit and support by decking out in the school colors.

Students and teachers funneled out to the bleachers early Friday morning for Homecoming Fun Day. Upon arriving, the contests began, starting with a scavenger hunt. Students frantically searched through their bags, and their friends, to find what they needed. While looking for the miscellaneous objects Mr. Bradley called out, Mr. Redecker and a few of the upper classmen set up the car cram. After an announcement from the loudspeakers, students from all classes swooped down to the track. Contestants piled into the vehicle (courtesy of Danielle Forest). They were sitting on each other’s laps, squeezing into every nook and cranny. After a few intimate moments, the sophomores and juniors tied, cramming a total of 23 people into the car. After a few more items found in the scavenger hunt, the contest closed, ending with the victory of the sophomores, who had the most points from the contest.

Next, the smell of barbequed meat and the exhaust of vehicles dominated the air. Students strolled around the back parking lot of Central High School, smiling and chatting with friends. Student Council blared out music to excite the energetic crowd. The yearbook staff (yours truly) frantically handed out yearbooks to individuals.  The Art Club sold their delicious cupcakes to anyone with a sweet tooth. As this was going on, the S.O.S. club was providing a fun source of entertainment with their competitive inflatable games.

The FCA sold drinks to those who desired. Since soda couldn’t quench your hunger, some students decided to barbeque, giving out their savory, mouthwatering chunks to their friends…or people who offered the right price.

Car horns blared and people shouted as the Homecoming parade preceded down the main road, resulting in several blocked off limits. Angry drivers’ attitudes quickly changed as the beautiful floats, rolled past them. The occupants smiled and waved, feeling on top of the world. Park Hills finest patrolled the streets, looking for troublemakers, and making sure no one broke through the road block.

The Fire Department had different plans. With sirens screeching and horns blaring, they made their way down Main Street, making children cover their ears, and scream. Children rushed dauntlessly into the roads to gather as much candy as they could, while the Homecoming candidates threw more and more from their Disney designed floats. The junior class had their dreams come true, when their Toy Story float found its way home straight into first place. The seniors ‘stole’ the second place finish with their Pirates of the Caribbean-themed float. The sophomores floated into a solid third with their UP float.

The Central Rebels football team proved that you didn’t need a wooden horse to defeat the Trojans. They demolished them with a score of 34-0. Mr. Redecker’s favorite part was, “Hunter’s block on three Trojans resulting in a huge black eye.”  Thanks to the football team, we finished off Homecoming how it should be DONE.

Afterwards, a victory dance was in order. Students filed into the gymnasium. Everyone filled with excitement from our victory. Not as many students showed up as expected, but students still seemed to enjoy their night. “For the amount of people that came, I would say it was a lot of fun,” says Mr. Redecker.

Homecoming was a major highlight of first quarter. It was proof that our Central Rebels are awesome and full of spirit for our school. Like every other year, it won’t be easily forgotten. Overall it was a major success.