Achieving Your Goals: Will Compton’s Speech

Achieving Your Goals: Will Compton’s Speech

Seth Dooley, Staff Writer

Washington Redskins player and North County graduate, Will Compton visited the student body in the field house last Friday to motivate students. The main message was for students to stick with their goals. He discussed his life experiences and used situations from his life to encourage students to reach their own personal goals, no matter what gets in the way.

From a sports hernia, to torn muscles, Compton was put off many times on his path to his goal. Many times he thought about giving up and settling for whatever he could get, but he kept training and finally he reached his goal. Leaving motivational messages every morning on his phone, he would wake up to them and then continue to strive, each and every day. Compton told the CHS students that doing things like this would change their lives for the better. By believing in yourself anything is possible. Blocking out negative people in your life can create positive influences that will definitely change your life for the better, too.

Compton said “I want to talk to you guys about ways to connect with something that is ultimately bigger than yourself. And it’s not a selfish reason that you want to succeed. You want something else that is burning inside you that is going to drive you and get you to your vision and aspirations.”

Finding a person who will help you in your path is also good, because sometimes you need someone else to help you keep going. Another thing that will help is just sticking with your goals. Some people can’t make up their mind—constantly switching goals—and never reaching the ones they do set. Then they settle for less than their best, and convince themselves that it is best. When you have another person, or a little competition, it gives you something to compare yourself to, to an extent. It gives you something to overcome, and allows you to encourage others to try their best, and to beat you.

Compton made some valid points. If you surround yourself with positive things, then you will be more likely to succeed. Although not everyone can be a professional football star, this advice holds true to other fields as well. If you want to be a doctor, technician, or pilot, any of these are possible if you truly put your mind to it and are willing to bear the weight, and possible pain of trying.