The Name’s Bond…Bond Issue

Nina Russell and Krissie Byers

As we walked into Mr. Coleman’s office, we didn’t know much about bond issues or how they worked, probably similar to the situation that you are in. You clicked on this article because you thought it was about James Bond, but you are sorely mistaken. You are about to take a glorious journey through the land of bond issues. WELCOME!!

We got all of these answers about the bond issues straight from the horse’s mouth–the “horse” being Mr. Coleman. No offence intended. All denotative meanings aside, bond issues, in the words of Mr. Coleman, are “like house mortgage payments.” The community will vote on two different bond issues, Proposition A and Proposition B, for the Central School District on April 8. These bond issues will help the district pay for improvements to the campuses in more ways than one.

Proposition A provides funds for a new library media center, kitchen, and office complex with a secure building entrance at Central Elementary School and for a new industrial arts building and classroom addition at Central Middle School. Proposition A will raise the debt service levy by $0.14 per one hundred dollars of assessed valuation of real and personal property.

Proposition B provides funds for a new all-purpose football stadium and possible completion of renovations  and repair improvements at Central Elementary or the Middle School. Proposition B will raise the debt service levy by $0.03 per one hundred dollars of assessed valuation of real and personal property.

The first step is for the citizens of Park Hills to vote on whether or not they want to pass the bonds. If the bond issues are passed, people will pay a small amount in taxes each year to go toward these bonds, eventually paying off the usually one million-dollar bonds.

What does this mean for us? The elementary school will get a new office and lots of new renovations that they have been working on for a long time will be finished. The middle school will get a new science wing. The high school will get an all new track and field! No more muddy mornings for the band, because the new field will be Astroturf! The baseball team and softball team could practice on the turf instead of the dirt and mud. Our football field will be regulation size if these bond issues pass. Not only will this benefit the teams practicing and playing on the field, but it will monetarily benefit the school as well. The upkeep of the field currently is $20,000-$50,000 per year. The turf field isn’t the only benefit for the high school! We will also be getting a rubberized track! The track team will no longer have to try to run on the asphalt and we can hold competitions on our shiny new track!

We will also be aiding the community because people will come and walk around the track in their leisure because the rubber is so much more desirable for the feet. The field will also be open for the MAFL football team to practice and compete on. Our school might bring in more money with new band and track competition revenue. These bond issues will eventually pay for themselves.

Will the community find these bond issues to generally be good things to have? Mr. Coleman said, “I hope they realize that we have, in our school district, have spent our money very wisely. We don’t frivolously spend money on projects that we don’t need. I would hope that people would go out and support the school district with both bond issues. Pass both bond issues and realize that we have been a very good steward with their money. We have not raised the taxes when we could have. Now, we’re asking for a tax increase in order to fund building improvements that will only enhance the educational environment for all of our students.”

The voting for the bond issues will take place in April. Be sure to inform your family and friends who will be voting on how these will affect the school, in the hopes that the public’s decision will lead Central schools to a brighter future. If you are a registered voter, April 8, 2014 is the day that you can vote for these bond issues.


March  Venue  Time
10 Band Boosters – HS 6PM
10 Spring Sports Parents – HS 7PM
11 KREI-Bradley 9:20AM
11 Park Hills City Council 7PM
12 Transportation Dept. 8AM
13 KFMO 7:30AM
13 KIDS Committee 4PM
18 Park Hills/Leadington Chamber Noon
18 PTC at WE 6PM
18 Current Freshman/Jr.’s-HS 6:30PM/7:30PM
20 Sophomores-HS 6PM
24 Rotary Noon
25 KREI 9:20AM
25 Leadington City Council 6PM
26 Lions Noon
1 KREI 9:20AM
4 MAC 10AM
8 KREI 9:20AM