New Teachers Join CHS Staff

Brittany Owens, Staff Writer

Many new changes have been made at Central High School this school year. Some of these changes include the lab reconstruction in Mr. Logan’s room, the health and Spanish classrooms being switched, and the cancellation of “unhealthy” snacks in the cafeteria’s vending machines. Perhaps the biggest of these new changes takes place in the form of our instructors. Central introduced two new teachers this year: Mr. Logan and Mrs. Pallo-Monges.

Mr. Logan is the new Dual Credit Biology teacher. He previously worked at Kingston K-14 before being hired at Central. When asked how he likes Central, he said “I love it so far.” Mr. Logan is looking forward to getting to know the students and staff at Central this year. Mr. Logan lives in DeSoto with his wife Melissa and his daughter Lily, who will be 5 in November. He has three pets: a beagle named Moose, a bearded dragon named Buppy, and a milk snake for his classroom. His favorite thing to do is spend time with his family and he also enjoys hiking and being outside.

Mr. Logan has done some pretty interesting things like skydiving for the first time a couple years back, which, “was amazing,” and also visiting the Black Hills of South Dakota to complete scientific research. Mr. Logan decided to teach science to, “see the excitement on students faces when they understand a difficult scientific concept.”

Mrs. Pallo-Monges is the new Spanish teacher. She previously worked at North County before coming to Central. Mrs. Pallo-Monges is enjoying it here saying, “I love it. I’m very happy here.” She  lives in Park Hills and has two daughters: Bianca, who is seven, and Mia, who is five. She also has a pet yorkie, who is 13 years old, named Bruno.

Mrs. Pallo-Monges has done great things like volunteering for the Peace Corps in Paraguay, South America, where she lived and worked in a rural community. Mrs. Pallo-Monges has also traveled all over South America and her favorite place was Brazil. She enjoys spending time outdoors doing things like hiking, playing golf, and working in a garden. Her favorite thing to do is spending time with her kids. Mrs. Pallo-Monges got into teaching because she spoke Spanish and there was a shortage of Spanish teachers in Texas, where she used to live. She is most looking forward to getting students interested in Spanish and speaking with them.

Central welcomes Mr. Logan and Mrs. Pallo-Monges as new teachers both to the high school and to the district.