Victory Is Our Destination

Kayla Horton, Staff Writer

“Happy Homecoming #RebelNation,” Senior Kaila Vance tweeted as she got ready to tailgate. Students were up as early as four a.m. to celebrate homecoming day and to enjoy the scavenger hunt, car cram, and much more.

This year’s homecoming theme was “Destinations: Victory is Our Destination.” Our spirit week included…

Monday: “Pajamas and Bad Hair Day”

Tuesday: “Class Color Day”

Freshmen: Gray

Sophomores: Pink

Juniors: Orange

Seniors: Black

Wednesday: “Famous Duo/Twin Day”

Thursday: “Destination Day”

Friday: “Rebel (Red, White, and Blue) Day”

Seniors ended up winning spirit week!

Friday was a half day and the student body celebrated homecoming day by tailgating in the fieldhouse parking lot. There were also a few fun activities for everyone to compete in. A group from each class crammed into a vehicle to see how many people could fit. The freshmen won the car cram and the juniors won the scavenger hunt. The freshmen also won the football relay that morning. Freddy Bond was the winner of the donut eating contest. There was also a photobooth station for students to dress up and take funny pictures. Lastly, there was a huge blow up obstacle course.

Next was the parade. Each queen candidate and attendant decorated a car to go along with the destination theme this year. There was also a prize for the first place winner. Sophomore Savannah Shields who was escorted by senior Colin Bess took first place with the theme “New Orleans.” Following behind was junior Keaton Furry and escort John Goheen with “Paris.” Senior Annie Agnew who was escorted by Hunter Strange chose the theme of “St. Louis” and took third place. Also, each class made a float and the results are… first place to the Freshmen with Destination Toilet: Flush the Trojans, second place to the Juniors with Egypt, and third place to the Sophomores with Coliseum. The seniors, however, ended up doing “Redneck USA.” It was a sight to see.

Before the homecoming game against the Potosi Trojans, the homecoming queen was announced. The candidates this year consisted of Annie Agnew, Hannah Wescott, Kenzie Jones, Abigail Reece, Madisyn Weiss, Kayla Horton, Hanna Stam, Chelsie Grindstaff, Kaitlyn Thomas, Lauren Lewis, Kaila Vance, Sydney Huff, Sydney Skaggs,  Emilee Gray, Paige Kobermann, Jenna Hulsey, Cassidy Kile and Payton Proffer. The homecoming court included attendants freshman Allyson Nelson, sophomore Savannah Shields, and junior Keaton Furry. Each homecoming candidate was recognized on the field. The fourth runner up was Madisyn Weiss representing Drama club and escorted by Russell Harrington. The third runner up was Annie Agnew representing the senior class and escorted by senior Hunter Strange. The second runner up was Sydney Skaggs representing RSA Club and escorted by Dakota Pope. The first runner up was Kenzie Jones representing “C” club and escorted by junior Cody Woodard. And the 2014 Central Homecoming Queen was Payton Proffer representing Student Council and escorted by junior Keenan Johnson.

The Central Rebels then had a victory over the Trojans 36-3! The seats were full, the student body and community all rooted on the Rebels, and great sportsmanship was shown towards the other team. Following the football game there was a homecoming black-light dance in the cafeteria.