Yearbook Staff Begins Own School Store

Savannah Runyon, Staff Writer

For the last few years, the yearbook staff has just been in charge of the normal things like putting the newspaper together and making the yearbooks you receive every year at homecoming. For the first time this year, the yearbook staff has taken on an even bigger task: making products through a process called sublimation.

You may be asking, “What is sublimation?” Sublimation is a process where special sublimation dyes are printed with a special inkjet printer. Then, heat and pressure are used to put images on t-shirts, socks, key chains, phone cases, etc. This means you can purchase things with the Central logo on it, or your own special image as well. For example, if you’re in choir, you could bring in a picture of the choir and request it to be put on something such as a keychain. Or if you want a phone case with a picture of your family on the back, you can request that as well, as long as you can provide a picture.

The yearbook staff is in the early stages of making products, but they’ve already sold a few things, such as pennants at Homecoming and LOTS of personalized phone cases. As the school year progresses, more products will be available, but for now they have a few things already priced, such as:

  • Phone Cases – $10
  • Seat Cushions – $15
  • Large Pennants – $6
  • Small Pennants – $4
  • Key Chains – $3
  • Dog Tags – $3
  • Lanyards – $3
  • License Plate Covers – $10

You can request your products in Mrs. Fletcher’s classroom, where they are made with care. The yearbook staff hopes that students will enjoy the products that they purchase and help spread the word of their hard work.