Canned Food Drive

Brittany Owens, Staff Writer

The Central School District conducted its annual food drive October 27th through November 7th. This year’s food drive was a huge success, with the high school bringing in over 4,000 canned items. The junior class brought in the most cans with 1,199. The sophomore class came in second with 916 cans, the senior class came in third with 850 cans, and the freshmen class came in fourth with 718 cans. The teachers and faculty brought in 318 cans.

While many students participated in the food drive, a few went above and beyond. Kerston Furry, a freshmen, brought in 149 cans. Peyton Bradley, a sophomore, brought in 120 cans. Jason Asher, a junior, brought in 312 cans. Dakota Pope, a senior, brought in 100 cans. The grand total of all the cans brought in came out to an outstanding 4,001. A big round of applause is given to our Central High School students and staff for their participation in this year’s can food drive.