Fairy and Folk Tales Overtake CHS

Gina Bannister and Megan King, Reporters


It’s that time of year again! Homecoming has come and gone with a strong victory for the Rebels against the Fredericktown Blackcats. Many CHS students participated during spirit week. Spirit week consisted of pajama day, twin/class color day, beach day, fairy tale day, and school spirit day. Each day provided an opportunity to show how much the student body supported their school. After school let the students out for a half day on Friday, classmates and their families gathered around Main Street to watch the Homecoming Parade.

Spirit week started off its first three days with pajama day, twin/class color day, and beach day. Pajama day is the day students can dress lazily without being judged by their peers. Twin/class color day we learned is the day we learn who are best friends with who and what grade everyone is in. Lounging around in vacation wear is what you would see on beach day. All of the spirit days were enjoyable and fun.

The last two days of spirit week were fairy tale day and school spirit day. Fairy tale day had various students dressed as Red Riding Hood and princesses among other things. During school spirit day, students dressed in red, white and blue. Students also enjoyed the festivities outside. There were multiple tail-gaiters barbecuing, an obstacle course,  a doughnut eating contest, and scavenger hunt. Some students went inside to the field house where students and teachers had an intense volleyball game. The final rankings of class participation during spirit week goes as follows: 4th place – Freshmen, 3rd place – Juniors, 2nd place – Sophomores, and 1st place – seniors. Congratulations Seniors!

After school, Main Street was blocked off so the Homecoming Parade could begin. The winners of the candidate cars were: 1st Place – Megan Skaggs as Cinderella, 2nd Place – Olivia Casey as Goldilocks, and 3rd Place – Kylee Curtis as The Princess and the Frog. The school float winners were: 1st Place – Junior Class with Hansel & Gretel, 2nd Place – Sophomores with Pinocchio, and 3rd Place – MS Art with Alice in Wonderland. The winners for the school entries are: 1st Place – CE PTC with Frozen, 2nd Place – CHS Poms with Little Red Riding Hood, and 3rd Place – Rebel Clef Honors Choir and MS Choir. The community entry winners were: 1st Place – Abundant Blessings, There Was an Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe, 2nd Place – Debbie’s Tiny Tots, Gingerbread Man, 3rd Place – Dr. Wiley’s Tooth Fairies & Dannie’s Daycare, Snow White.

Before the Homecoming football game, the night all began with the coronation. There were three underclassmen attendants and seventeen senior candidates. This year’s Freshmen Class Attendant was Madison Manion who was escorted by senior Dustin Saunders. The Sophomore Class Attendant was Kerston Furry who was escorted by Jace Bland. The Junior Class Attendant was Peyton Bradley who was escorted by Zachary Rowley. Keaton Furry represented the Senior Class and was escorted by Drew Harlow. Representing the Art Club was Kylie House, escorted by Nolan Jones. Representing the “C” Club was Olivia Casey who was escorted by Nick Haney. Representing DECA Club was Karissa Messer, escorted by Dallas Coleman. Representing Drama Club was Emily Brewer, escorted by Keenan Johnson. Representing the Fellowship of Christian Athletes was Abigail Courtois, escorted by Jake Bridges. Representing Standing on Scripture Club was Heather Dickinson, escorted by Russell Harrington. Bailey Burgess represented the Spanish Club and was escorted by Justin Halter. Brittany McCarty represents the Future Teachers of America and was escorted by Kyle Halter.  Christian Wallen represents the Music Club and was escorted by Cody Woodard. Karli Holmes represents the National Honor Society and was escorted by Jonathan Goheen. Allyson Welch represented the Pep Club and was escorted by junior Christian Flottman. Kylee Curtis represented the Publications Club and was escorted by sophomore Tyreece Welch. Madelynne Hart represented Rebel Student Awareness and was escorted by junior Matthew Dean. Bailey Fenwick represented the Science Club and was escorted by junior Luke Manion. Kayla McCain represented Student Advisory and was escorted by junior Matthew Richardson. Megan Skaggs represented Student Council and was escorted by junior Noah House and was crowned Homecoming Queen for 2015. The retiring queen was Payton Proffer.