The Inauguration of President Trump

Kelton Dickinson

Everyone woke up Friday, January 20th knowing that the United States was falling into the hands of Donald J. Trump. Many people were scared and many people were ready for a change. As it got closer to noon, millions of people stood and waited around the U.S Capitol. Tons of people in their Trump gear were so ready for noon. As the Inauguration kept going, there were many things happening such as singing from the Missouri State University Choir and speeches from multiple political people around the United States. Mike Pence was sworn in first as Vice President. After that, Donald Trump was sworn in officially and became President of the United States.

Following the swearing in, President Obama left the last time in the Air Force One. Later on there was a luncheon for Vice President Mike Pence and his wife, President Trump and his wife, and more political people joined. A little bit after the luncheon began the parade where President Trump and VP Pence rode all the way in their limos to the White House for the first time, after they have a little of time in the White House they have the Inaugural Ball which concludes the ceremony.

President Trump immediately took action the next day as he started off big, putting Obamacare to an end.  Also, Mr. Trump gave the Dakota pipeline the go ahead to start back up again which is going to give multiple people their jobs back. Another thing that is going to give people their jobs back is imposing penalties on imported cars. The hope is that this will bring more auto manufacturing back to America.

President Trump is making a big impression on America and is doing everything that he stated in his campaigning ads and meetings. He is turning out to be a man for his word, and he is trying to ”Make America Great Again.”