Women’s Choir Prepares for Winter Concert

Kayla Calvert and Ella Hughes

As the date of the Winter Concert approaches, the Women’s Choir begin to sharpen their voices. As choir director Mrs. Ward leads the choir to perfection, she says, “This is the first concert [of] the year, so I hope it is a good showing of what we are doing in the choir room as well as a way for the community to see how much talent we really have here at CHS.”

While practicing for the Winter Concert continues, student Alicia Williamson, freshman, says, “I think that we’re working way harder than back in middle school. We focus more on certain things that we didn’t use to and I think that’s making us better.”

The concert will bring wonder and winter cheer to Central High School this year. Many are looking forward to the cheery songs, Merry Christmas, and happy holidays going all around. When asked her favorite part about Women’s Choir, Chelsea Harper, a mezzo and a freshman, answers, “Learning all the songs and impressing the audience. Seeing their facial expressions when we sing. Can’t beat that.”

Even though Mrs. Ward is new to our school and customs, she says, “I am loving being here at Central so far! [I am] excited to see what this year will hold for me and my choirs.”

She has taught the choirs many things in just the short amount of time we have been in school. Mrs. Ward is an exceptional role model, and a person we all can look up to.

Just like all other groups of the school, the choir has many goals, expectations, and hopes. We all hope for something. We all have expectations for ourselves and our groups, and we all have goals.

“My hopes [and] goals for the choirs at CHS would be to have not only a successful year, but a year of growth as an organization/group and as individuals. Yes, putting on a good concert is great, but if you aren’t learning anything and aren’t challenging yourself to be better than before, what’s the point?! If my students can leave my room at the end of the year feeling like they truly accomplished something, and they want   to continue singing either in my class or later in life, then I have done my job,” exclaims Mrs. Ward.

We all have hopes and dreams, but some of us turn those into goals, and that’s exactly what the Women’s Choir of CHS is doing.