Love, Loss and Life in the Making

Mikayla Watkins, Staff

Love, Loss and Life: an Evening of One Act Plays is coming to CHS!

“The production is actually three one-act plays,” says Mr. Weiss, technical director of the production. “A one act play is a short play usually 15 to 30 minutes long that focuses on specific characters in a very focused situation. Our three one-act plays are themed around relationships and how love between people–not necessarily romantic love–and fear of loss, affects life. Each has all [of] these events in varying degrees which ties them together.”

This year’s fall play is going to be a little different than Central’s previous fall plays. This year, Yancy McCarron, Haley Francis, and Mikayla Watkins are each directing a one-act play as student directors.

“This allows students to showcase their training in different ways,” Mr. Weiss says of the student directors. “It also gives our actors the opportunity to work with a different director. In high school, that is rare, but it’s a great experience because every director is different with different things to offer.  It also gives me [the opportunity] to see how well I’ve trained my theatre students. So far I’m impressed with the maturity of these first-time directors.”

The student directors like their new positions and are excited to see the outcome of the production.

“I am most looking forward to seeing how my actors and crew bring all of their individual ideas and personalities together to make one master production,” Haley Francis, student director, says.

Not only have the directors and actors been working hard, but the crew has been putting in a lot of work to create a great production as well.

“My job is to prepare sound effects for the play and control the sound board during the play,” Gabriel Sungcad, head of the sound crew says. “To prepare for the play, I have been evaluating the scripts and putting in sound effects that would be appropriate for different cues; searching for sound effects that could be used for those cues; and I will be coordinating with directors and other stage crew to talk about sound effects. I will also be coordinating the use of microphones during the play.”

Similar to last year’s fall production, Fortress, projections will be used this year as well.

Deana Mathews, a member of the projections crew says, “I have been working on finding different images [to project] for the different plays. I have also been going over the script to make sure that [I have] everything [written down] that might need projections.”

Many students are working hard and coming together to put on a great show. If you would like to support the Rebel Theatre Troupe, come see Love, Loss and Life: an Evening of One Act Plays in the Glen V. Hill Auditorium at Central High School on November 9, 10, and 11, at 7:00 p.m.