SOS Starts Weekly Fellowship

Mikayla Watkins, Editor

“My favorite [parts] about SOS [are] having our weekly meeting, learning about God, and getting to bond with others in the club,” Charity Nelson, a second-year member of Standing on Scripture says.

Standing on Scripture―also known as SOS―is a Bible club for like-minded Christians who want to come together in fellowship.

“We are going to do things a little differently this year. We will have a Bible lesson, games, and an awesome time together,” Raylyn White, president of SOS, says.

The focus of SOS is Christian fellowship. In every meeting, Raylyn White leads a small Bible lesson. This year, there will be more games and different activities as well.

SOS meets almost every Wednesday at 2:50 after school. If you would like to join SOS or have any more questions, email Raylyn White at [email protected]