The Show Goes On!

Calista Strange, Staff

Just because marching season is over doesn’t mean the Rebel Band is!

After the Marching Rebels took the big “W” at their last competition held at St. Gen. high school, they immediately started on their jazz band and concert band music. Not every band member is in jazz band, but everyone who marched on the field plays in the concert band.

What does jazz band do? The Central Rebels Jazz Band plays fun and upbeat music at home basketball games. Some of the songs included in their appearance are “Proud Mary,” “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” “Gonna Fly Now (Rocky Theme),” and several other pieces.

What does concert band do? Concert band competes, just not as much as during the marching season. There is an annual competition for concert bands across the state where the bands perform pieces in front of several judges. In this, they are given music chosen by the judges and given the task of sight reading and performing the music after viewing it for a short time to be evaluated on how well the students know their music. After both of the bands’ performances, they are rated on a scale with 1 being the best.

Aside from the competition, the concert band works on pieces to decide which ones to play for the competition and what not to play. Some of these pieces include “American Riversongs,” “With Each Sunset Come The Promise of A New Day,” “Sunburst,” “Festivo,” “Havendance,” “When The Stars Began To Fall,” and “Into The Storm.”

Mr. Glore, Band Director, stated in an email to the Rebel Band, “All of these are contest-worthy pieces. Please spend as much or more time listening as you do practicing. What goes in your ears will shape the way you play as a musician. Listen to quality music everyday.”

That advice is enough to get me going. Not only how you play music, but how you act in general, music always influences the soul and mind.