Be Yourself in Book Club

Hannah Sansoucie, Staff

Central High School now has a book club! Librarian Mrs. Weiss and Assistant Librarian Ms. Huff are the sponsors. Because book club just started this year, many people don’t know about it. This club is free to all students, and anyone can join! This club has discussions about books and is a club where anyone is allowed to speak his or her opinions.

Joining book club is a good way for students to get out of their comfort zones and allows them to communicate with people out of the normal friend group. Other than making new friends, there are also other great lessons that book club teaches. It helps with communication skills, gives the opportunity to speak thoughts or opinions, and it allows connections with people who like to read. Even if you don’t like to talk in front of people, this club could still be for you!

The students in this club have a wonderful time hearing about all the different books everyone enjoys. Students also love getting book suggestions from other students, because they feel they can relate to one another. This is what Ms. Huff, DeAnna Mathews, and Hannah Ashley have to say about book club:

Ms. Huff, Assistant Librarian

Q: What is book club?

A: Book Club is a group that meets after school. Not everyone has to be reading the same book, and we just discuss whatever we are reading at the time and why we like it. Everyone is welcome to come. Book club is a place to come where you can feel comfortable talking about books or if you are big into fandoms with a series of books.

Q: What do you do in book club?

A: We always discuss whatever books we are reading and give good book recommendations if you need something good to read. We always have soda and snacks, and sometimes we have out of school events. We plan on maybe going to see a movie that is based on a book this semester. If you have any ideas of what you want to do, we are always open to suggestions.

Q: When and where is book club?

A: We meet on Wednesdays after school until 3:45 in the Library.


DeAnna Mathews, Sophomore

Q: What do you enjoy most about book club?

A: I enjoy hearing other people talk about their books and being able to socialize with them about what types of books they like without thinking they are being judged.

Q: Who would you recommend book club to?

A: I would recommend book club to kids who enjoy reading and kids who want to be able to be themselves without being judged. Book club is where to be when you want to rant about a book, and we accept everyone.


Hannah Ashley, Sophomore

Q: What do you enjoy most about book club?

A: I enjoy listening to other people talk about the book they’re reading because it opens me up to more genres of books and gives me ideas of different subjects, authors, and books to read in the future.

Q: Who would you recommend book club to?

A: I would recommend book club to anyone who enjoys reading and connecting with other people over literature. I also think someone would enjoy it if they like to step out of their comfort zones in reading and expanding their vocabulary and understanding of the world and ideas.