Meet the New Administration

Hannah Sansoucie, Staff

There will be many new administration changes to the Central School District starting in the 2018-2019 school year. There will be new faces in the positions of superintendent, CHS principal, Central Elementary and West Elementary principals and shared assistant principal, and curriculum coordinator.

The new superintendent will be Brad Coleman. Mr. Coleman has been a part of the Rebel family for a long time by working as principal of CHS. As superintendent, Mr. Coleman wants to focus on teacher development and to develop a 3-year plan to make Central a professional learning community. Although he has only been dealing with high school students for the past few years, he will soon have the chance to work with students of all ages in the Central School District. Central High School will miss Mr. Coleman’s good leadership, his famous saying, “yo mama, yo daddy, or whoever you live with,” and how he keeps the high school in line. Even though the high school will miss him, we are very proud of him.

The new curriculum, assessment, professional development, and student learning coordinator will be Lori England. Mrs. England has been in the Central School District for eight years. For four years, she was a teacher, and for the other four years, she was the assistant principal at the middle school. Mrs. England wants to find the perfect way to teach each and every one of the students in the Central School District. She finds it important to have all teachers teach in different ways so that they can find what the best teaching style is. Not only does she want to make the learning process better for students and teachers, she wants to learn and grow herself. The students are Mrs. England’s favorite part about Central. It excites her when students get recognized and make accomplishments.

The new high school principal will be Mike Johnson. Mr. Johnson graduated from Central in 1993. He has taught every level of mathematics (one year at Perryville and nine years at Scott City). He is currently a principal at Scott City. Even though he has been at Scott City School District for many years, we are excited that he will be coming back to the Rebel family. Becoming part of Central’s success is a dream come true to him. A great quality of Mr. Johnson is that he likes to joke around with the students, the staff, and the faculty. He also approaches every day with a smile and an upbeat attitude. We are very excited to be a part of a new chapter in his life!

The new principal at Central Elementary will be Tracey Casey. Mrs. Casey has been in the Central School District for 19 years. She has had many positions in the district such as 7th grade science, chemistry, physics, and scan lab teacher and the assistant principal for the elementary schools and the middle school. Mrs. Casey chose to apply for the principal position because she has gotten attached to the younger students. She loves all of the excitement from the students that are beginning their education. Not only has Mrs. Casey been a teacher and assistant principal for Central, she also was a student at Central. As the years have passed, she has grown to love the Central family more and more. She loves having the chance to know many people. It makes her happy seeing former students as parents, and she loves how those parents are excited for their children to experience Central just as they did.

The new assistant principal for Central and West Elementary will be Tracy Stam. Mrs. Stam has been a part of the Rebel family for 24 years. When she began teaching, she was a 5th grade teacher. After seven years of teaching 5th grade, she decided to become a 4th grade teacher. Mrs. Stam decided that she wanted to become the assistant principal because of many people motivating her. She has always wanted to do something for the administration and after seeing the opportunity, she took it. Her favorite parts about the Central School District are that it is just the right size and that there are many opportunities for students to be involved, it welcomes everyone, and it is a safe and enjoyable environment.

Central students are very excited to see what each of these great leaders will bring to the Central School District. The students wish them all good luck with their new positions in the Central School District.