Award Winning Teacher Here at CHS

Hannah Sansoucie, Assistant Editor

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Our own Central High school teacher, Mrs. Bethany Petty, was recently awarded the Young Educator award by Midwest Education Technology. Earlier this month Mrs. Petty went to the METC annual conference in St. Charles, Missouri.

Mrs. Petty was awarded the Young Educator Award for her innovative teaching with technology. Not only has she been able to find different ways to teach her students using all different kinds of technology but she has also written a book for teachers to get more aware of technology.  In the book, ILLUMINATE, Mrs. Petty gives insight to other teachers to allow them to get more ideas on how to incorporate technology in their classrooms.

Mrs. Petty says that using technology in her classroom allows her students to learn at their own pace. Not only does she do video teaching for her students but she makes games and other activities with her phone and different websites to make the class fun and more meaningful. All of these different and unique methods of teaching that Mrs. Petty uses allow each student to actually understand what she teaches. 

 We are so proud of Mrs. Petty and all of the hard work she has done the past 11 years here at Central High School. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for her.

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