Mrs. Huff’s Class Making a Difference

Hannah Sansoucie, Assistant Editor

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We all know that Mrs. Huff is known for her kind heart and love for teaching. Something you may not know, though, is that she recently shared her love for helping others with her students as they took on the task of making 56 pair of shoes The shoes are for little kids that live in Uganda.

Many of the children in Uganda suffer from jiggers because they don’t have shoes to wear. Jiggers are a type of bug that latches to blood vessels and causes itchiness and infections. The only way to remove the jiggers is to slice open the skin and remove the egg sack. With Mrs. Huff’s class making these shoes, she hopes that they will help prevent the infections the jiggers have caused people to have in Uganda. Even though the class did not actually put the whole shoe together, they have made a great difference in many people’s lives by getting and making all of the materials to actually make the shoe.

With the English class working two days, they had just enough jeans to make 70 pair of little shoes for the children. With Mrs. Huff’s caring heart and hardworking class they were able to make 14 more pair then their goal. Although that may not seem like a lot to some people, the shoes will make a difference in many lives.

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