Homecoming Highlights 2019


DeAnna Mathews, Staff

Friday, October 11 was Centrals homecoming. All-day we had games, laughter, and food. The parade was full of candy and floats. From the candidates, Lexxi McCrorey had the best car; her theme was Johnny Cash. The senior’s float got first place which was a huge shocker considering it was completed at the last minute.  Coronation was beautiful even though it was very cold outside. The 4th runner up was TaNyla Robinson (Drama Club Representative), 3rd place was Abby Holmes (RSA Representative), 2nd place was Maci Woods (Student Council Representative), 1st place was Lexxi McCrorey (Senior class Representative). The King of the 2019-2020 school year was Nate Gremminger and the Queen was Avery Norris (representing C Club). The game against Perryville was extremely close. The score was 7-6. In the 4th quarter Dayshawn Welch (Freshman) scored a touchdown and Justin Bridges (Junior) kicked a field goal. We were able to take the lead against Perryville and beat them by a single point. Central High school is now 5-2 and will be playing Dexter for our senior night October 18 at 7:00 p.m.