Leadbelt Pilot Now on the Internet


Dr. Fred Province, Ph.D. grew up in Flat River. His father, Herman Province, was Mayor of Flat River in the 1950s. Fred attended Emerson Elementary, Flat River Junior High, and Flat River High School. He was a member of the first FRHS football team to beat Farmington, and among the last students to be taught by T.J. Stewart.

Province served in the Army in the Korean War, and used his Veteran’s benefits to graduate from Flat River Jr. College and the University of Missouri. After graduate work, he was a teacher, coach, and principal in the Leadbelt, and had a radio program on station KFMO. He is an avid parachutist, a licensed glider and airplane pilot, has flown in 51 different types of aircraft, and has survived three airplane crashes.

Province moved to California to be a college instructor in aviation. He continued his radio program in California, and created the television program “Avaition Theater” which has won three gold medals for public television. To celebrate 25 years of broadcasting, Time-Warner has put the program on YouTube. There are 114 episodes. Fifty-five are now playing. To view the program, search for “Aviation Theater” on YouTube.