Speak Out About the Election

Chris Boyd and Sydney Huff

Pro Romney: Sydney Huff’s side       

As the time draws near for The Presidential elections, everyone is starting to pick sides. No matter what political party you are in, you should understand what each candidate stands for. Mitt Romney is the republican nominee. He stands for many family values. One of his main beliefs is that life starts at conception and there should be a law against abortion. He has also said that he would leave it up to each state to decide for themselves. Romney wants to eliminate X-family planning programs benefiting abortion because of his morals. As a Mormon, he has certain beliefs on what is right and not. His views are very different from President Obama’s.

Mitt Romney wants to continue the war on drugs. He is not in favor of legalizing marijuana. He has called it an “entry drug” used to hook children. Romney is opposed to legalizing gay marriage as well. He thinks it should be the federal government’s decision. He wants a constitutional amendment stating that marriage is only between a man and a woman. He has his views on this because of his religious beliefs.

Romney opposes amnesty for unregistered immigrants. He believes everyone that enters the United States legally should have an ID card and their employers should check it.

Romney also has a different view on welfare recipients. He has stated that women with children should either get an outside job or lose their welfare benefits.

One of Romney’s first acts as president would be to replace ObamaCare. Romney has said that troops should only start leaving Afghanistan when the generals order them to. Those generals have recommended to President Obama that we should not start taking out troops until after the 2012 fighting season for the army.

As you can see, he has some very good points. Romney is looking out for this country and wants it to change for the better. Obama, on the other hand, may not be. He has gotten too used to the power and it is time for someone new in the White House.

If you’re 18 and share the same beliefs, then vote for him in the upcoming election. Make sure to spend time really thinking this over, because it is a big decision to decide who should run our country.

Pro Obama: Chris Boyd’s side

President Barack Obama is by far the best choice for our president. He offers so much more for the people than Mitt Romney does. Mitt Romney plans to do things that will affect a lot of the middle and lower class people. Notice that the upper class was not mentioned in that.

Mitt Romney plans to increase the fees on gasoline. That will make it more expensive for gas and the amount of travelers will go down quickly, causing a loss of many jobs in the tourist regions. He also plans to put fees on gun, marriage, and drivers licenses. If he were to get elected and do so, many people will not be able to hunt, get married or even drive because of the pricing. He just doesn’t understand the life of the lower class. Obama will never do any of that; he plans to make life easier for the lower class.

Not only that, but Obama has already done well for our country. He authorized that “surgical raid” which ended the life of Osama bin Laden. He also kept the promises he has made about pulling the US troops out of Iraq. He has also made the Supreme Court more equal by adding two females to it. Romney would never do any of this. It wouldn’t even run through his mind.

That is why President Barack Obama is the perfect choice for our next president. He will do nothing but good for our country, which will make it better. Unlike Romney, Obama is about the majority of the people, not just the upper class.