Rage Against the Machine XX

Brandon Hedrick, Copy Editor

Twenty years ago, Rage Against the Machine came out with their first album. Oddly enough, both the album and the band are back in headlines once again, this time with XX. XX is Rage Against the Machine (the album) remastered and re-released.

The first time through, RAtM did great with their self-titled album. Now, it’s much, much better. The entire first album was full of political messages which are still ever present. In a few of the live versions of the songs on XX, Zach de la Rocha, the band’s vocalist, talks about what the songs are about. Even though they can be soapbox rants about the government, and they’re full of “curse words” and everything, he’s pretty spot-on in his messages.

I got the deluxe edition which includes everything but the kitchen sink. They went all out when they packed this. The Deluxe Box Set features two CDs, two DVDs, one 12″ 180gm vinyl LP, one 40-page booklet and a two-sided poster. This edition was insane when I unpacked it.

It has the original CD, along with the remasters for XX, the first DVD has the “Battle for Britain” show that they played in 2010, and all of the music videos, plus it even has all of their live material from 1997 in a compilation. The second DVD has their first live performance from October 23, 1991.

I can’t describe in words how amazing this set is, or how much it was worth the >$100 I spent for it. This is a must have for any audiophile out there.

Overall: BUY THIS!