Got Thirty Dollars, Come Join!

Jessica Kottmeier, Staff Writer

In my opinion, freshmen and sophomores should not be allowed to go to prom unless escorted by a junior or senior. The prom is a formal and fun dance intended for upperclassmen who have earned their spot there. The name of it is “Junior and Senior Prom”, not “Got thirty dollars? Come join!” There is a reason why you must be a junior or senior to buy the tickets.

It is understandable if an underclassman is dating an upperclassman and they go together, however, it is not acceptable if two upperclassmen buy tickets for two underclassman to go together. It ruins the authenticity of the dance. This dance is supposed to be classy and established. These things cannot be true if it is full of juvenile students.

Prom is an evening that should be looked forward to and waited for. Going each year ruins the fun of it. If a person attends each year beginning freshman year, then by senior year they will feel as though they already know what to expect and that they have had their fill of prom. If every person fell into this pattern then the prom would eventually just be for freshman and sophomores. Then what would junior and seniors have to look forward to?

If the freshmen and sophomores really want to go to a dance then they can go to any of the many dances we have at the school after games. Oh, wait! You’re thinking those aren’t as fun? Well, maybe that is because of all of the freshman and sophomores standing around and gossiping instead of dancing. That is what will come of prom if we continue to let underclassmen in without an actual reason.