Android vs iPhone. Robots rule!

Zachary Conway

As your upgrade date approaches, your minds begin to wonder about what type of phone you should get. Should you get an iPhone or an Android?

Well, I will make it easy for you:  choose an Android. When I first switched from my iPhone to an Android, it was a brand new experience. The Android has a wide variety of choices to start. If you choose an iPhone, it is one choice of size and a few choices of color. The Android has a variety of choices including HTC, Samsung, Motorola, and ECT. There are many choices of screens, ranging from a small screen like an iPhone to a larger screen closer to a small tablet size.

The bigger screens allow you to see more information at once and see things more easily. When you are texting someone, instead of hitting two keys at once, the letters are big enough to just hit the right letter and go on the next one.

Along with the larger screens, the Android comes with a larger amount of free and inexpensive apps.  Apple does have more apps than the Android store, but you have to buy many of them. As you observe the Apple and Google market, you will notice the large amount of difference in the price of apps. Apps that Apple has might cost five dollars, compared to the same app in the Google market only costing a dollar.

Along with cheaper apps and larger screens, Androids have a larger network. Although the iPhone and Android both have the fastest speed available (4G), iPhones rarely have enough service to get it. With the Android, you have a wider range of networks which allows you to have fast speed all the time. No more do you have to wait five minutes for a YouTube video to buffer, because with the Android it will be done in a matter of seconds.

Lastly, the Android also beats the iPhone in longer battery life. With the Android, the battery life lasts at least eight hours, including playing games. The iPhone needs to have a charge at least once to twice a day and that’s only if you don’t do much on them. With the newest Androids, you can play games or be on the Internet for hours and not take much of a charge. I used to have an iPhone and the battery constantly died, it was always slow and hard to get service, and the screen was too small. Whenever I moved to an Android I had service everywhere, it was a lot faster than the iPhone, the apps were amazing, and I haven’t had a single dropped call.

The Android is a rapidly growing network with technology that will be revolutionary while the iPhone will quickly become a thing of the past.