Rant on Windows 8

Seth Ottman, Staff Writer

As most of you know, Microsoft has come out with a new operating system (Windows 8) to replace Windows 7. I, personally, am not impressed with Windows 8 at all. The new system is too much like Windows phone where there are these HUGE tiles that are very distracting.

Many people have upgraded to this software because it is so cheap, but their older computers don’t have a touch screen so the new interface is practically pointless. Windows 8 has a mode to look like the old windows, but you can’t easily access anything from it at all because by default it has no start button or icons on the desktop. I use my computer for gaming (eg. Minecraft, Call of Duty… etc.) With Windows 8 it would lower my performance in games. Most games will not work correctly with Windows 8 or they have some sort of a problem.

I am rather technology savvy and I barely know how to use Windows 8. When I have tried to use it, I thought that I was going to mess something up. When I first tried Windows 8 I was going to download a program called Teamspeak (a voice chatting program for gamers on the PC.) I was honestly looking for an app store because the computer reminded me of my dad’s android tablet. Also I want to see all programs that I use on my desktop, but with these HUGE tiles I would have to scroll to another page just to see them.

I will be keeping Windows 7 on my desktop gaming computer so that I can continue to EASILY play ALL of my games with my online friends.