Harry Potter Series Beats The Hunger Games

Emily Hayes, Staff Writer

I think the Harry Potter books are a much better series than The Hunger Games. J. K. Rowling manages to hook readers from the very first sentence in the first book. Yes, Suzanne Collins managed to write a good first book, but she lost many readers when its sequel wasn’t up to par. J. K. Rowling managed to keep readers guessing throughout an entire series of seven huge books.

Any writer who can make you absolutely hate a character for seven books and still make you love them in the end deserves to be remembered as the best author of our time. Snape was one of the most hated characters at the beginning of the series, but by the end of the series, most readers would agree that he was one of their favorite characters. Collins didn’t give us so much change. Characters that you liked at the beginning were the same in the end.

J. K. Rowling is an expert at narrative misdirection. You watch the plot unfold through Harry’s eyes and make the same mistakes he does when he tries to understand the mysterious events at his school. The Hunger Games don’t give you such a big twist. You can guess from early on the in the books what will happen. From the moment Peeta admitted he liked Katniss, readers could predict that they would both exit the arena alive and fall in love.

Furthermore, the characters in Harry Potter are extremely fleshed out and realistic. The characters all have flaws and personality defects. None of them are amazingly pretty  or handsome. The Hunger Games has several characters with lacking physical descriptions.

In conclusion, Harry Potter is a great series that is outstanding in every category. The Harry Potter books are better than The Hunger Games trilogy in every aspect including the  series as a whole. If you haven’t read them, why don’t you check them out for yourself?