Pride in Respect

Michaela Hulsey, Staff Writer

As I attended the sectional basketball game I was completely disgusted by the amount of disrespect the student sections were showing towards the opposing teams. I was extremely proud of our student section for not joining in. Our students cheered for our team rather than cheering against the other team. It seemed to me that other student sections were only cheering when the other team failed and cheered very little for their team’s achievements.

This disrespect carried on during the game after ours, too. For example, when the opposing team was announced the entire student section yelled, “Who Cares!!” after every name and cheered very little for their own players.

It gave me great pride in our school for being respectful to the other team even though respect was not given to us. I understand that by getting in an opposing player’s head is a way to score a few points, but fans should build up and cheer on their own players to score points and leave all the players feeling good. All athletes put in a lot of time and effort to play a sport and all deserve respect.

I was also impressed with our spirit section at the sectional game. A lot of fans came out and were very respectful. Even though we weren’t the loudest or the biggest, we supported our team in a positive way. Even after the game our cheering section ended the season with a huddle saying, “We love our boys!” Our fans still cheered for the team even though they had lost and the season was over. I was glad at the end of the night that I went to one of the only respectful schools there.

Congratulations to the basketball team on a great season and keep up the respect CHS!