Book Review: Chasing Brooklyn

Desiree Mayfield , Staff Writer

Death, loneliness, and despair. These are the things that surround Brooklyn after the death of her long-term boyfriend, Lucca. A year later, her friend Gabe overdoses on pills and guilt. Shortly after,  a ghost, gray and decomposing begins haunting Brooklyn in her dreams. She knows it’s Gabe chasing her and doesn’t know how to make him stop or why it’s not Lucca.

Running, running, and running is all Nico can do after the death of his brother. He is convinced that the best way to deal with the pain is by shutting everyone out. So when he learns of Gabe’s death he isn’t too fazed. Not long after, he begins hearing noises in his sleep, getting notes in strange places, and getting general signs to do one thing: Save Brooklyn. Convinced it is his brother Lucca; Nico tries his best to help Brooklyn.

This book grabs you and doesn’t let you go until the last page has been turned. The unique verse writing keeps you entertained and enlightened. The narrator swaps from page to page, one moment you’ll be reading how a heartbroken Brooklyn feels; then with one turn of the page you find out why Nico feels the need to run from his problems. With the loss of Lucca they both find a way to comfort each other and gain a since of security. Yet at the same time can’t seem to tell the other about what’s really haunting them. With feelings raging and emotions running high, Brooklyn and Nico find themselves in lust. Read Chasing Brooklyn and find out if time truly heals all wounds.