Book Review of Allegiant

Krissie Byers, Staff Writer

Veronica Roth had a great beginning with the best-selling Divergent and Insurgent. In Divergent, we were introduced to Tris, Tobias, and other characters that are quite easy to fall in love with. On the pathway to Allegiant, the act of rebellion against the leaders and the quest to save the factions from destruction took many risks and turns.

As we ended Insurgent, we were left with a cliff-hanger. The video introducing Edith Prior was shown and caused many abrupt problems. Allegiant starts right after that, in the cells of the Erudite. Curious to find out what happened after the video for over a year, this should have been a shock. Of course it wasn’t, knowing how both Erudite’s and Beatrice’s actions usually turn out. Roth continues her tale with the loved characters finally reaching outside the fence like Edith told them to do. The Divergent and their team made their choice and they go for it all out. They meet unexpected surprises and untrustworthy situations in their path. The book is a great surge of curiosity and longing for more right from the start.

The switch between Tris’ and Tobias’ point of view pretty much gave us two great stories in one book. Getting to see the way the two think differently about things was a great touch that I would never change. It gives us both sides and opinions when the two clash in arguments (as couples do) about how to treat someone, who they can spend time with, and whether or not it’s okay to risk his/her life without the other knowing.

The development of other characters was actually really, really good in my opinion. Roth gave us a chance to get connected with people other than Tris and Tobias. We learn more about Caleb, Natalie, Marcus, Christina, Uriah, and so on. It definitely let me feel closer to the book.

I agree with some when people say that the Divergent books have turned into a giant love story. Allegiant has sort of pulled me away from that. Yes, there is a couple. Yes, they are a main part of the book. But this book isn’t completely a love story. It’s about rebellion, friendship, and forgiveness. One of the main things throughout the book is deciding whether or not sacrificing your life is selfless or selfish. There are so many great themes that came to mind when I was reading it. Allegiant actually has good advice about love, life, and forgiving those who have done you wrong.

It was all around a pretty good read. The emotions I felt while reading it were as big as what they would have been if the people I was reading about were actually real. I honestly do not advise the weak hearted to read this.  It will only cause emotional destruction. Roth is a very risky author and I am still in disbelief from what she dared to do. If that’s okay with you, then by all means, read it! Allegiant wraps up the divergent series greatly. It is a story I will not soon forget.