Book Review of Champion

Seth Dooley, Staff Writer

Starting with Legend, this series may cause a sense of vertigo, from the stunning rooftop chase scenes to the nauseating smell of the putrid underworlds. Author Marie Lu outdid herself with visual descriptions creating vivid sights and smells along with awe-inspiring words. In every other chapter the point of view switches between the two main protagonists. June is the groomed prodigy of the Republic who scored perfect on the class ranking test, and has been training her whole life to capture Day. Day is the Republic’s most wanted criminal, the people’s voice and hero, and has grown up on the streets his entire life.

In Legend, the first book of this series, June is under orders to capture Day. He has been accused of the murder of June’s older brother, Metias, after breaking into a hospital to recover medical supplies for the sick, lower-class workers.  June is told to complete this mission, no matter the cost. But when Day rescues her from a nasty illegal street-fight, her feelings begin to change as she sees a new side to the Republic’s Most Wanted. Her faith in the Republic wins out over her emotions as she leads a Republic Patrol to Day’s family and lures him out to be captured, but not after the brutal execution of his mother right before his eyes. Back at the military headquarters, June interrogates Day, makes him admit his crimes, and sentences him to death. After finding out some shocking information on her brother’s death, June decides to contact the Patriots, an anarchist organization trying to destroy the Republic. Then she can rescue Day. In this midst of her rescue attempt, Day’s brother, John, gets captured and executed in Day’s spot to fool the citizens of the Republic.

In Prodigy, June and Day flee to the Colonies with the Republic at their heels, but before they arrive they are told to complete a mission to earn their place in the society. The mission is to assassinate the Elector Primo, the leader of The Republic. As June battles with her conscience over her loyalty to the Republic and her feelings, Day is given a different mission. His role in this mission is the key to its success and since he is the voice of the people, his job is to turn them against the government. To top it off, they want him to be the one to shoot the Elector. But when June stops the operation and they discover the truth behind it all, will terror reign in the capital, or will Day stop it all?

Champion, the final book in the Legend series, focuses on the Republic fight for freedom. After Day pledges allegiance to the Elector, the Colonies are at the doorstep of the capital and threaten to break in. After fighting a losing battle, June and the Elector travel to Antarctica to ask for assistance.  Meanwhile Day leads the remnants of the Patriots into battle against the Colonies. After a desperate battle in one of the Republic cities, Day gets shot and has to go into immediate surgery. After a successful operation, June is allowed to visit him again, but there’s one catch… Day doesn’t remember her.

In my opinion, the Legend series is one of the best, and anyone and everyone should read them. Day was my favorite character from start to finish and is original to boot. June was just as great, proving that Marie Ju absolutely outdid herself on this one, proving there can still be original plot lines in fiction novels. Although the ending of the second was sketchy, the third was bittersweet candy, and I couldn’t have wished for a better ending… Okay, a slightly better ending, but this one was great anyway. Earning a solid 5/5 stars on the Seth Scale.