Impatient Peer

Krissie Byers, Staff Writer

The library is filled with many unopened stories and worlds the mind just drools for. Many students long for the scent of the pages and anticipate the glorious voices of the characters that get in their minds and souls.

Sometimes, certain readers have a book in the mind that they want to enjoy. The book whispers into their ear like a phantom, “Read me. Enjoy my wonderful tale. Weep over my characters and dream about my details.” You cannot deny a book that’s set into your mind. So obviously, the first thing one would do: check the library.

The library is a field of knowledge. The wondering eyes search for the book that calls them. Every shelf is explored and analyzed. The search is absolutely draining! The pages of words craving the mind of a reader just can’t be found. Thank goodness the library has a way to check and see if the books are still in the kingdom of the library on the computer. The worst thing could happen though…

“Copies available: 0”

The rage and fright swarms the body of the seeker.  The walk of shame to the desk of the librarian has to happen next. The repulsive question has to be asked. The question to reserve a book has to happen. Of course Mrs. Weiss would do it with a smile, but we all know the truth. The wait will be torture. It could be weeks, months even before the beauty is in the hands of the one who reserved.

If you check out a book from the library and there are people who want the same book and take the time to reserve it, there should be a time limit or something. The wait shouldn’t take multiple months. A book 500 pages or under should take two or three weeks at maximum. The book lovers of the school should not have to wait an extended time to get their hands on a book that’s calling to them. If you check a book out, READ IT. There is not a single reason to have a book for such a long time. What are people doing with the books? Are you just keeping the books in your locker or backpack all day? Get with it. Take the responsibilities that go along with checking out a popular book.