App of the Week: Swing Copters



Joshua Barton, Staff Writer

Swing Copters is kinda like Flappy Birds 2.0. This app was created by developer Dong Nguyen, the creator of the original Flappy Birds. The goal is to get the character to go through the bars as the character continuously flies up, but as you tap he’ll either fly to the right or the left. Easy enough right? Well, clearly this linear version of Flappy Bird wasn’t hard enough so let’s give the bars swinging hammers that never stop. When you either hit a hammer or a bar, you fall. In order to somewhat succeed at this almost unwinnable game, you must find a good tapping rhythm, which most have trouble finding. The whole “winning” of the game is trying to get better scores than your friends.

I like this stupid, annoying, idiotic game. It is addictive, and yes, once you download the game it is like you’ve signed your life away. If you’re like me, you will stay up late playing this game or procrastinate with it and you’ll never get homework done. It is aggravating but entertaining. Seeing that it is supposed to be like Flappy Birds, I give it a 3 rage filled screams out of 5. Because, though simple, it does serve its main purpose as a game that is purely a want and not a need…unless you need to scream…then maybe it is a need.