CD of the Month: Modern Vampires of the City

Savannah Runyon, Staff Writer

Vampire Weekend, a band that started out small in 2006, has been growing outside of the Indie music scene though keeping their Indie sound. Modern Vampires of the City proves this and was even able to win a Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Album. The sound has changed from before, but for the better. It keeps it’s Indie background but still sounds fresh and new every time you listen to it.

Modern Vampires of the City is an album that’s a lot more grown up and mature than their previous ones and anyone who has been a fan previously will hear that with the first track “Obvious Bicycle.” They hit more mature subjects, too, like growing up and moving out, getting a job, and taking responsibilities.  Though almost in their thirties, the quartet seems to be reflecting back on younger years and expressing what they went through during that time making it enjoyable and easily relatable for young adults.

Overall, whether you were a fan previously, I think a lot of young adults will find this album as enjoyable as I did.

Overall rating: 5/5. Buy it.