App of the Week: FaceQ

The Cuter Cartoon You

Joshua Barton, Staff Writer

FaceQ is a fun little app that let you create an animated self portrait of you or someone else. When you open the app the menu will show the option to create a boy or girl. If you are creating a character with someone there is a two-player option. If you want to customize your avatar then there’s a history button where you can pull up your past avatars and make changes to them.

I love this app! I have recommended it to most of my friends and they also love it. I actually have made mine my profile pictures on some social media sites because I’m very lame. So I give them 4 / 5 Cute Faces. Its a fun and interesting app for making yourself, and who doesn’t like a cute little cartoon? However, I didn’t give it 5/5 because it really has no essential need and I haven’t really used it since I’ve made myself and a few others. However it is just a cute little app to have.