Book Review: Thirteen Reasons Why

Mikayla Watkins, Guest Writer

One day after school, Clay Jenson returns from school to find a package with his name on it sitting on his front porch. Inside the box he finds cassette tapes recorded by a girl named Hannah Baker, his former classmate and crush, who just happened to commit suicide two weeks earlier. The cassettes list the reasons (13 to be exact) why she did what she did. Clay spends the night crisscrossing town while listening to Hannah’s voice and being a firsthand witness to her pain. He learns the truth about himself; a truth that he didn’t want to face.

Thirteen Reasons Why will forever be one of my favorite books. Although it’s quite tragic, it’s very realistic and eye opening. It’s addictive and gripping and you’ll find yourself not wanting to put it down. I think everyone needs to read this book. Not only does it have a good story, it also has a good message. It opens your mind to what goes on in other people’s lives and helps you understand that you should think before you say or do anything. This book also helps you to understand that you never know what someone is going through or what they have going on in their life. Take Clay Jenson’s words as something to remember, “Everything affects everything.”