App of the Week: Rain, Rain

Joshua Barton, Staff Writer

Rain, Rain is an app that plays the sound of rain in the background of your device. The main purpose of the app is to help you sleep by playing the soft sound of rain. There are about 30 different types of free sounds that you can play for your comfort. You can create a sleep timer so that your phone won’t run all night. Also you can play music along with it if used properly. I recommend Spotify or iTunes with this app.

I personally love, love, love this app. Normally I have a problem relaxing and falling asleep at a good time but now I play this app put a little Sam Smith on and I sleep for hours. It makes me actually look forward to sleep and excited to hear whatever comforting sounds are waiting. I give the app a 5/5 Sleeping Z’s because I really couldn’t come up with any negatives of this app. It does serve a main purpose on your phone too so I say download this app if you are struggling with your sleep. The only somewhat negative thing I could come up with is if you have it turned up all the way it may keep you awake. But that is easily fixed with the right volume set.