CD of the Month: Paramore

Savannah Runyon , Staff Writer

Paramore is a well known band, having sold over 7 million albums worldwide. They’re well respected in the alternative scene and are considered a big influence among a lot of bands as well. So, after three years of hearing nothing from the band, the excitement was high when the now trio (having lost two original members) announced that a self-titled album was in the works.

They did not disappoint in 2013 when they released Paramore, an album full of not only some pop-driven rock songs, but also some of their old sound. This should please both old and new Paramore fans alike, giving them something fresh but also a bit of nostalgia for the early to late 2000s.

Singles like the passive aggressive Ain’t It Fun and the sweet Still Into You are songs that make you want to dance and sing as loud as you can despite not having rhythm or a sense of tone. They help carry out the positive vibe throughout the whole album. Paramore is an instant pick-me-up on any kind of rough day. Some of the bittersweet songs hit home through quirky lyrics and upbeat vocals from Hayley Williams and instrumentals from Jeremy Davis and Taylor York.

Even though this album is the most played in my iTunes library, I have to take one star away. I’ve been a fan since my middle school years, but I felt like something was missing…like the album ended without a real conclusion. Despite this, Paramore is an enjoyable and catchy album and I would (and have) suggest it to my closest friends.

Overall rating: 4/5. Buy it.