Hollywood Undead: Day of The Dead Album Review

Jake Barton, Reporter

Earlier this year, Hollywood Undead, a rock, pop, and hip hop group of six masked men from Los Angeles released their fourth album titled “Day of The Dead.” The album peaked at number eighteen on the Billboard Top 200 for 2015 in April. The band features six members under the nicknames of Danny, Charlie Scene, Johnny Three Tears, J-Dog, Funny Man, and Da Kurlzz. The album featured six singles which were “Day of The Dead,” “Usual Suspects,” “How We Roll,” “Gravity,” “Disease,” and “Live Forever.”

In an interview at Download Festival 2015, Johnny Three Tears, a vocalist in the band, talked about the writing process of the band. He said that it was similar to their first release titled “Swan Songs” because their previous record label, A&M Octone, had gone under and Interscope Records had to step in to produce this album. My personal favorite song on the album is the final track titled “Save Me” which features Danny, J-Dog, and Johnny Three Tears doing vocals, and Charlie Scene doing background vocals.

This album is different from their past three albums because it had more of a pop/electro style to it as opposed to the rock or hip hop style they usually favor. In interviews just after the release, Charlie Scene, J-Dog, and Johnny Three Tears talked on how they felt refreshed on this album and were relieved to finally have Interscope release one of their albums as they were signed by Interscope back in 2006. The climb to the top has been a difficult one as their previous record label, A&M Octone, constantly held them down and was going to refuse to put this album out before the label went under. Hollywood Undead was happy to be under new management and Charlie Scene said that it was “time to party” on this album. Their previous album “Notes From The Underground” had more of a “kicked back and relaxed” feeling to it.

The band has put out three music videos for songs on the album which are “Day of The Dead,” “Usual Suspects,” and “Gravity.” The Day of The Dead music video mocks people who use their religion to try and get money through scamming people and acting as if they are better than everyone else. Usual Suspects shows the typical night of a Hollywood Undead fan who goes to one of their concerts and features a first person point of view of that experience. Gravity is about the origins of the band dating back to 2005 when the band was called Undead and they named their first song “Hollywood” (now titled “The Kids.”) One of their friends mistook the name of the band to be Hollywood Undead thus giving them their name. All three of these music videos have their own elements to them as “Day of The Dead” shows the band playing the song on a television talk show. Usual Suspects shows them performing live at the Troubadour in Los Angeles, California. Gravity shows the members of the band with and without their masks on and the whole video is featured in black and white.

Overall I would say that this is my second favorite album that they have produced only behind “Notes From The Underground” which is my personal favorite. Another underrated song I recommend is titled “Dark Places” because it tells a great story of how the band has persevered through a lot of hard times and struggles through the years. After buying this album and listening to it along with all of the bonus tracks, I can safely say that they covered just about every genre on this album. The band works with multiple producers for different genres and you can tell the diversity works. If you give this album a listen, I can guarantee you will not be disappointed and that you might even find yourself listening to it over and over again for days.

Album Rating: 8/10