Book Review – Frostblood

Samantha Davis, Staff

Frostblood, by Elly Blake is the first of the Frostblood Saga Series. The kingdom acquires an unlikely hero, Ruby, a feared Fireblood. Her kind has been hunted nearly to extinction and for all she knows she is the last Fireblood left alive. Everything changes when the Frost King’s soldiers attack in the dead of night to end Ruby and her mother. All seems to be lost, or so she thought, when she is taken to a prison no one escapes from only to be rescued to serve a higher purpose.

Ruby is a believable protagonist. She has her flaws as well as her own scars. She connects well with the other characters forming unlikely bonds of friendship between frost and fire.

The style of writing is easy to follow but the intrigues of politics and moral questioning is deeper than I had expected. I simply couldn’t put the book down and once I realized I was halfway through I felt the heartache of knowing the tale would soon be over.

Frostblood is an exciting, fast paced story that any fantasy lover will surely fall for. Frostblood contains fantasy action and some young adult romance and I cannot wait for the next book, Fireblood to be in our school library.