Central Glamour


Elliana Hughes and Cynthia Raynor

Makeup Tips and Tricks

  1. Primer is the most important step. It makes your makeup apply smoothly and last longer. It also helps eliminate texture, pigment, and other things to help makeup appear better.
  2. Use tapping motions when applying foundation, concealer, or any other face makeup. Do not swipe; it just moves the product, lowers coverage, and if you’re using a brush or anything other than a beauty sponge, it will leave streaks in your product and make it look more cakey.
  3. When choosing a product for your face like foundation, cc cream, etc., swatch it on your jaw to your neck and blend it out to see if it matches your skin tone. You always want it to match your neck, not your face, because you don’t want the line on your jaw making you like you’re wearing a mask.
  4. When applying eye shadow, make sure to blend the edges. Don’t have any harsh edges; it looks messy and harsh on the eyes.
  5. When doing your eyebrows, make a line on the top following the hairs on the top of your brows, then a line following your hairs on the bottom of your brows. Fill in the back of the end of the brow until you reach the arch, then blend the product to the front of the brows, creating an ombre effect. Avoid solid block brows!