To the Girl Who Needs Reassurance

Hannah Sansoucie, Staff

Many girls go through breakups at least once or twice in their lives. It is just a normal thing that happens in your life. The first boy that you date probably won’t be the last person you will ever date, but that is okay because you will find someone completely better for you.

When someone breaks up with you, you feel shattered, hatred, and confusion. You thought that that one person would be yours for the rest of your life, but when you get that text saying that “we need to break up,” it’s like getting shot in the heart. You spent so much time on that one person that you forgot other boys existed. You forgot what it was like to not get good morning texts and random texts saying how much they love you. You forgot how it felt to have a girls’ night with your friends because you spent every single second with him.

You soon begin to think that you can’t live without him. You feel this way because he was the love of your life and he was your everything. You lost yourself loving him. You feel so broken now that you don’t have him. You are breaking, and he doesn’t even care. He hasn’t called or texted to check up on you since he broke up with you. He hasn’t done anything to show that he once loved you. This is how you know that him breaking up with you is the best thing to ever happen to you.

After a couple of weeks crying, you start to feel happy again. You start to feel like yourself. You feel the way that you did before you both started dating. It is one of the best feelings you have had in a while. Everyone sees that you’re happy. Then, one day, the boy texts you again. “I miss you, I should have never broken up with you.” You start to reply and…. STOP!

Do not reply to him. You will not feel that happiness that you feel right now if you get back with him. You are way better without him. You may feel like you miss him, but after all the pain that he has caused you, he doesn’t deserve your love. You are so beautiful and worth everything. You don’t need him to tell you that you’re enough, all you need is to believe in yourself more. You need to do the best thing for you and not him. Do not worry about him. Start worrying about yourself, and find who you were before you lost yourself in someone who didn’t care.