Central Glamour – Eyebrow Tutorial


Renee Raynor, Staff

Step 1- Gather tools you need (a spoolie, eyebrow pencil or powder, an angled brush if using powder)

Step 2- Use the spoolie to brush the eyebrow hairs down towards the eye

Step 3- Grab your product and make a line from the middle of the brow (should be aligned with the pupil) to the end of the brow, following the natural eyebrow hairline

Step 4- Take the spoolie and brush the eyebrow hairs up and make a line from the beginning of the brows to the end, ending in a sharp point

Step 5- Fill in the brows starting in the back and bringing the product toward the front, creating an ombre effect


Carving them out (optional)

Step 1- Apply concealer with a flat concealer brush completely under the brow

Step 2- Go on top of the brow and do the same

Step 3- Blend!!! Get a buffer brush or your finger and blend out the edges

Step 4- Add highlight on the brow bone