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Cynthia Raynor, Staff

How to Find Your Foundation Color

Alright, we all know that terrible moment when you buy a foundation that looks like your color in the bottle, but when applied, it’s ten times darker or lighter than your skin tone, and you look like you’re wearing a mask. Nobody wants that; makeup’s purpose is to enhance your beauty, not to be a mask covering it.

Here are some tips to help find your match for foundations:

If you shop at a beauty store like Sephora, you don’t have the problem of not knowing what the foundation looks like outside of the bottle. However, if you are on a budget and shop at the dollar store, CVS, Walgreens, or Walmart, you can’t test the foundation, making it all a guessing game.

Most foundation looks about two times darker in the bottle, so when you find the foundation that you think matches your skin tone, go one or two shades below.

For darker skin tones, it’s extremely hard to find a foundation because make up companies make about five shades for darker skin compared to about 20 for light skin. In this case, a good idea is to buy two foundations to mix together.

How you match your foundation might sound weird. Most people know to match the foundation to the hand or face, but really it needs to be your neck. I know, WHY your neck? It goes on your face, right? You want your foundation to match your neck because your face could be a lot darker or lighter than the rest of your body, hinting that you shouldn’t match it to your hand either. If your foundation matches your neck, it won’t end in a noticeable line and will make it appear more natural.

Another tip, your skin tone changes throughout the year as you get more tan during the summer, so take that into consideration when shopping for makeup.