Dumplin’ Movie Review

Jenna Ashley, Staff

The movie Dumplin’ takes place in a small town in Texas, I would say based on events in this, it takes place in a newer year. The main characters are Willowdean, Lucy Dickinson, Rosie Dickinson, and El. Of course, other characters play important roles but these are the main ones. In this movie, Willowdean’s or as her mom calls her “Dumplin’s” aunt passed away. She leaves behind an entry to a pageant that Willowdean’s mom won and is managing this year.

Since Lucy, Dumplin’s aunt, never got to enter the pageant, Willowdean and her best friend El enter it. Willowdean is really big on the saying “Everybody is a swimsuit body.” Someone that plays a huge roll in this movie is Dolly Parton. When Willowdean enters the pageant, a few other girls that aren’t the “type” to enter a pageant follow in her steps. They find out a Dolly club that her aunt went to and they actually go to be surprised by drag queens. They help Willowdean and the outcasts through the process of going through the pageant.

My favorite part of the movie is when they go into this club because she made a connection with the people in there, and they were very accepting. I like the fact that it really shows anyone can do anything no matter what. I would recommend this book to anyone who needs inspiration and feels down because of something. It really shows that anyone can do anything no matter what. In the end, I think this is one of my new favorite moves and I thought it was a very good movie.